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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Obama Appointee: Union Strikers Can Insult Anyone Except Women and Minorities

“‘Boys will be boys’ should be forbidden on the picket line”

Federal labor law has long tolerated rough words in picket lines, but a federal judge once considered a prospective Obama Supreme Court appointee is asking regulators to crack down on “racial and misogynistic epithets.”

A three-judge panel at the Washington, D.C., Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a National Labor Relations Board ruling that a telecommunications company violated the rights of several striking workers whom it suspended during a 2012 strike, while reversing the board regarding the appeal of a fired worker, who intentionally drove slowly and boxed in her non-striking co-workers.



Anonymous said...

They shouldn't insult anyone.
Protest - yes.
Insult - no.

Anonymous said...

Insulting isn't what gets you back to work, people. If you have an issue with female employees, or females in general, take it up with your shop steward and the union, or get some psych help. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Better yet, change your way of thinking.