Tuesday, September 20, 2016

DNC Liberals Go Nuts Again Over Major Trump Donation


We thought billionaire Sheldon Adelson wasn’t going to spend in 2016. But with Trump winning, he’s dropping $45,OOO,OOO -- the largest spend of the election cycle.

President Obama is DEMANDING you stop Trump and the GOP from winning this election.


Anonymous said...

This is about a people's revolution to make america great again. I hope the people speak in November.

Anonymous said...

Well the people don't need a Jewish Billionaire's money to win do they? What has to be given to Adelson for this "donation"? I guess the Dems have Soros and the GOP now has Adelson?

Are there any Goy Americans who can finance a campaign?

Anonymous said...

12:26 PM - can, or will?

Anonymous said...

Dems need money? Get it from Iran, or Wall St., or the Clinton Foundation.