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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Donald Trump Packs Arena, Hillary Draws 200

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump packed an Estero, Florida arena with thousands inside and more outside for a Monday rally.

The News-Press estimated the crowd at more than 8,000 people and the heat at over 90 degrees outside the arena where attendees stood before gaining entrance to the event.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton spoke at Temple University the same day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was reportedly attended by less than 200 people. At the event targeted to millennial voters she acknowledged a need to court the youth vote, according to local NBC10 News. Clinton’s campaign launched “Pennsylvania Millennials for Hillary” aimed at showing support for boosting youth economic opportunities and dealing with college debt.

By way of further comparison, Hillary Clinton held a rally at the University of South Florida on September 6 that drew a 1,500 person crowd, according to the Tampa Bay Times, while a September 9 rally for Trump in Pensacola drew 12,000, according to WTSP10 News.Trump declared that those wanting to come to America must love the United States and Americans during his Monday afternoon rally near Fort Meyers.

Chanting broke out in the crowd in response to Trump: “U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A.”



Anonymous said...

My guess: If we were voting with paper ballots which could be recounted if necessary, then Mr. Trump would win.

However, we will be voting on computers.

Too bad. Trump would have made for an interesting POTUS.
Maybe another time?

Anonymous said...

Oh.....I wouldn't count trump out....forget the polls....he I crushing her with actual voters...

Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't understand 1139's post?
He agrees with you. Trump should win with actual voters.

He, like myself, believes the election will be rigged.
Just like the stock market.
The bond market.
The repo market.

Bankers will choose the POTUS, not the people.
I wish it were different.
But we have 100 years of history which clearly demonstrates that bankers always get their man. Even if it is a woman.

Anonymous said...

What will you be watching "the first debate or the football game"? Just asking. I will be watching the debate. (map)

Anonymous said...

The polls say 40/40???? Real life says 95/5!!!!

Anonymous said...

I drive all over the country and all I see is Trump signs, where is all this Hillary support I read about? It has to be true, it is coming out of mainstream media, right?

Anonymous said...

The election will be rigged and Killary will be declared the winner. Obama has systematically removed top conservatives from every government agency, especially the military. Ergo, any challenge to the outcome will not fly. Congress will do nothing but blow more hot air. Secretly, most of them want Trump to lose, thus preserving the status quo and their personal enrichment. We don't stand a chance.