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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Towson mall begins enforcing curfew for unaccompanied minors

A new policy aimed at promoting a more "family friendly" atmosphere at Towson Town Center by banning unaccompanied minors after 5 p.m got off to a mostly seamless start Friday evening.

Many people seemed to have heard about the policy, and groups of teens who normally spend their weekend nights hanging out at the mall headed to the exits as the 5 o'clock hour approached, with only a bit of grousing.

On her way out, one Notre Dame Prep student said: "We're good."

Security was dispatched to let other teens know about the curfew, and officers, some with dogs, were stationed at 19 entrances and around the mall to check identification.



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Anonymous said...

Towson Town Center used to be a beautiful mall after the renivation and expansion. I hope a curfew will end the problems caused by "urban youths".

Anonymous said...

BLM will show up.

Anonymous said...

Bring the curfew to de bury mall.

Anonymous said...

They need to do the same thing at the Salisbury mall