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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

NPR Battleground Map: A Path To The Presidency Opens Up For Trump

A month ago, there were "Road Closed" signs up on all of Donald Trump's potential paths to the White House.

But now, less than a week before the crucial first debate of this presidential race — and as a terrorism bombing investigation continues in New York and New Jersey — a viable route has emerged for the Republican nominee, according to the latest NPR Battleground Map.

About a dozen battleground states have gotten closer with some key ones showing Trump leading for the first time. Hillary Clinton retains the advantage, but it's a far more precarious lead for the Democrat than at any time in this presidential race.

Trump's movement comes as many pollsters have switched to "likely voter" models, which try to predict the electorate based on factors like enthusiasm and past voting records. That alone may be responsible for most of the tightening, but it also follows a less-disastrous month of campaigning for Trump than the stretch immediately following the party conventions, which saw his fight with the Khan family, whose son, a Muslim American, was an Army captain killed in Iraq. Trump also began running his first major round of campaign ads in key states in recent weeks.



Anonymous said...

I've noticed the leaning by NPR to be soft on Hillary all along, and this article is not much different. Phrases such as "...ships that get to close to American ones..." decry a failure in proofreading, which is unexpected, but to say in reference to Clinton's 9/11 collapse that she was "...ushered into a van..." is extremely and overly generous to one who was chucked in that waiting vehicle by two Secret Service guards as if they were hefting a twelve stone sack of sand.
In these days of threats to pull NPR's public (taxpayer) funding, is it too outrageous to suppose that certain promises have been made by a certain candidate that will put NPR's funding anxieties to rest?

Anonymous said...

MD will still go blue by the electoral college.

Anonymous said...

Please, oh Please let Trump win just so that awful Don Rush on WSCL has to deal with it. I will beam with joy to hear the NPR libs have to announce their worst nightmare.