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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Reuters/Ipsos Poll: Donald Trump Overtakes Hillary Clinton — Despite Altered Methodology

(REUTERS) Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has pulled into an effective tie with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, erasing a substantial deficit as he consolidated support among his party’s likely voters in recent weeks, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos national tracking poll released Friday.

The poll showed 40 percent of likely voters supporting Trump and 39 percent backing Clinton for the week of Aug. 26 to Sept. 1. Clinton’s support has dropped steadily in the weekly tracking poll since Aug. 25, eliminating what had been a eight-point lead for her.

Trump’s gains came as Republican support for their party’s candidate jumped by six percentage points over the past two weeks, to about 78 percent. That is still below the 85 percent support Republican nominee Mitt Romney enjoyed in the summer of 2012, but the improvement helps explain Trump’s rise in the poll.



Anonymous said...

These polls are an effort to convince most of us that voting matters.
It does not. The international bankers will always get their advocate no matter what the little people want. Hillary has been chosen. There have been a lot of laws broken, Congressional Hearings faked, and more than a few people murdered to get Hillary into office. A silly little poll will not make a difference.

Mr. Trump and Family will be back in the media next year with the biggest, most successful reality TV show ever!

Go Trump!

Anonymous said...

All polls except Fox news...They have really gone far left.

Anonymous said...

The polls are liars making up numbers each day. We all know it's 80/20 Trump. Just walk outside and count the signs and stickers!

Anonymous said...

Here is what matters: we will be voting on computers.

lmclain said...

It's ALL total Bulls***.
Designed to make "we, the people" think there is an actual contest and your vote will matter.
Unfortunately, it's a fake narrative.
I predict this.....Trump will win a few states (can't be TOO obvious) but will "narrowly' lose all the others. THAT will continue the illusion of a close race and people will think they didn't do enough.
Fraud and conspiracy will be denigrated as "tin foil hat conspiracy" and ridiculed despite mopunting and repeatd proof of how often and easily it's done.
Pay no attention to her 35 attendees at a local high school, or the complete absence of hillary signs.
Or her 30 year of incompetence and criminality.
She's a lock.

Keep cheering this sad display. It's going to get a LOT worse, I'm afraid.
And NEVER forget Two Sets of Laws.