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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Venezuela: Million-Strong Crowd Protesting Socialism

Faced with what the opposition is calling, “the largest mobilization of people in the political history of Venezuela,” the nation’s socialist government is using violent police tactics, roving Chavista gangs, and “secret police” arrests of prominent dissidents to attempt to silence dissent.

On Thursday, the opposition organized a protest in the nation’s capital dubbed, “the Caracas Takeover,” attracting between 950,000 and 1.1 million people, according to organizers. The Venezuelan government claims a paltry 30,000, a claim images of the protest make difficult to believe. The Caracas Takeover was a collection of largely peaceful protesters, seen in videos chanting slogans like “Venezuela is hungry” and singing the national anthem on social media.

“We either come out to march or we will die of hunger. We are no longer afraid of the government,” Ana Gonzalez, a protester, told AFP. Due to socialist mismanagement and strict import controls, Venezuela is on the verge of a famine, with most supermarkets severely understocked and up to 90 percent of families unable to secure food for their children on a regular basis.


[Do you see this, Millenials? THIS is socialism. --Editor]


Anonymous said...

Will Hillary steal the picture and claim that it's one of her campaign stops?

Anonymous said...

This could be the USA at the White House in the Future ???

Anonymous said...

LOL 11:41, that one is a good one. All these people backing Clinton better read this story. Socialism does not work!!