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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Clinton Foundation's Sweden Affiliate Bagged $6 Million from Undisclosed Donors

A new Reuters report reveals that the Swedish fundraising arm of the embattled Clinton Foundation failed to disclose the identity of donors who funneled millions of dollars in donations to the charity, despite Hillary Clinton’s promise to do so.

The admitted failure in transparency came along with news Friday that the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation will shut down all of its fundraising affiliates in Sweden and the United Kingdom should Clinton win the White House in November.

“The foundation’s outpost in Stockholm has received nearly 270 million Swedish crowns, about $30 million, since it was established in 2011, while Clinton was still secretary of state,” Reuters reports. “Most of this money was given by the Swedish Postcode Lottery and the Dutch Postcode Lottery, according to the Clinton Foundation Insamlingsstiftelse’s website.”


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Work for a liar and become a liar