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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Americans Are Just Plain Stupid


Anonymous said...

Six and a half million dollars puts money in cronies bank accounts while providing the appearance of doing good...spending the same amount to feed the kids would only feed them for a short while and make them dependent on whoever provided the money! Here's a better thought - take that money and spend it on infrastructure and employ the parents of the starving children - now, you're putting people to work and feeding families!!!

Anonymous said...

And what are you doing?

Anonymous said...

typical Democrat spending!

Anonymous said...

Spend $100,000.00 today to "save" 200,000 starving kids, and it will cost $500,000 to feed their starving kids 20 years from now. And 20 years after that, $5,000,000.00 to save the kids. At some point, humans will run out of either money, or food, to sustain the rest of the world's population that can't feed themselves. The "starving" will then overrun the food producing nations and TAKE their food, or they will starve by the millions & millions.

Better to let a few 100,000 starve now, than millions and millions later.

Anonymous said...

We know you are kidding.
You do realize that human life is not a math problem, right?
Human Life does not equal X.
1X < 2X

Every life has infinite value. We are living souls. Our time here is very short compared to our eternal life.
Be kind.