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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

JUST IN: ITT Tech closes all campuses after federal aid sanctions

BALTIMORE —ITT Educational Services announced Tuesday that it is closing down all its campuses nationwide after the U.S. Department of Education banned it from enrolling new students who use federal financial aid.

The closure affects thousands of students at more than 130 campuses in 38 states, including Maryland. The Carmel, Indiana-based for-profit school chain will lay off more than 8,000 employees after about 50 years in operation.

ITT Educational Services, which offered students vocational education, said “with profound regret” that it had no choice but to close after the U.S. Department of Education issued sanctions Aug. 25, including a ban on enrolling new students who rely on federal financial aid.

“The actions of and sanctions from the U.S. Department of Education have forced us to cease operations of the ITT Technical Institutes, and we will not be offering our September quarter,” the company said in a statement. “We reached this decision only after having exhausted the exploration of alternatives, including transfer of the schools to a non-profit or public institution.



Anonymous said...

This how you know that our whole economy is fake, hollow, and addicted to credit. Without the constant, complete, and artificial supply of fiat debt money, we are Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

It must benefit vets is why they cut funding those sob's in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Ah Man!

I only needed like 20 more hours to get the Bachelor's Degree.

Anonymous said...

How can any College receive students who uses federal financial aid then? This is a technical school not a what ever college that hands degrees with no hopes of a job.

lmclain said...

8000 jobs.

Say it agian to yourself.

Your "leaders".
THEY know their job is safe and their income will only skyrocket.
F them.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

This, like other schools of its kind, are scams. Non transferable credits and no real education as far as skills are concerned. There are lots of these places and they provide people with useless paper and huge loan debt.

Steve said...

Destruction of a 50 year school and what, 10,000 potential careers in one fell swoop because why? A Government whim, that's why. While the FED prints funny money every day, these hard working folks and their students are screwed to a wall and robbed of their money just for fun. No reason, just FU. You didn't pay to play, obviously.

As Imclain says, Keep cheering.

Are you enrolled in Phoenix? They might crash tomorrow with this new policy! RotsaRuck!

Anonymous said...

This is another fake, scam school like most online/no bricks and mortars school like the infamous Columbia Southern University that the Lazy Slob known as da 'Bury Far Cheef Richard A. Hopppes, BS wasted Salisbury tax dollars on.

Columbia Southern University is a FRAUD and so is Richard A. Hoppes. He has been bull shitting his way throughout his lazy career at the Salisbury Fire Department. He has been known to allow some of the smarter employees to take the online exams for him. Then they kept copies of the tests and let everyone else study for their test knowing the questions will be alike.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
This, like other schools of its kind, are scams. Non transferable credits and no real education as far as skills are concerned. There are lots of these places and they provide people with useless paper and huge loan debt.

September 6, 2016 at 8:55 PM

Non accredited schools like Columbia Southern University. Mayor's Jake Day and Jim Ireton approve of them because their boy Rick Hoppes got his fake degree from there.

This proves that Jake Day's college degrees are fake like we all thought they would be. Shame on those clowns.

Anonymous said...

Columbia Southern University / Joe Manjone - warning

Posted by: Billusa ()

Columbia Southern University

[ See [] ]

I have been looking carefully at this university after it was advertised to me via a military magazine.

I was interested and contacted the then Academic Dean Joe Manjone. He gave me a big pitch about how it is DETC accredited and would help me get a great new career and help me earn lots of money. It was a good pitch. Joe Manjone is a good salesman.

But I looked carefully into this and want to warn others [about]

The *university* is a private family run business in Alabama started in [1994].

It had been around under another name...offering certificates in fire safety, burgler alarm systems and the like before then. But then they decided to use the internet to...[offer degrees].

They signed up with the DETC which is an old organization...They are one of the many long time private companies that is on the Department of Education website as being recognized as an accrediting agency. Also recognized are private companies accrediting marriage counselors, massage therapists, Asian medicine schools.

Columbia Southern University started marketing themselves as 'recognized by the US Department of Education.'...

It is a small family business started by Bob Mayes who died recently and is now run by his son as the President, his daughter as the business head...

They don't have many students from what I gather. They target military people and newly divorced people...people who are vulnerable as they need to adjust to a new life [sic]. also [offers]...their diplomas abroad...

The DETC wants to start offering PhD's students...

In my opinion, be aware of this internet scam [sic] school!


Anonymous said...

Now this is a funny comment that I found about Rick Hoppes' Alma Mater(LMFAO).

Battlehard • 4 years ago

Be aware that a Fire Science degree from CSU, or any other school accredited by DETC, is not recognized by the National Fire Academy. This is an important consideration if you might want to enroll in the Executive Fire Officer program.

This is funny as sh^t knowing that any real fire chief would like to be a graduate of the National Fire Academy's Executive Fire Officer Program. This program is where all the real fire chiefs get their bragging rights from. This proves that Columbia Southern University is not a real fire science degree. It isn't going to happen with those lazy clowns at the Salisbury Fire Department. John Tull is fat and lazy as well.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Salisbury Fire Department I wonder how John Tull feels about Hoppes giving Darrin Scott the same rank of Deputy Chief as him?

Anonymous said...

Those people who are aware of the Salisbury Fire Department allowing employees to take online classes from a non-accredited online college is scamming the tax payers of Salisbury. None of them live in Salisbury or pay city taxes, but they don't mind taking your money.

If they wanted to get a degree from an online university then why didn't they do it at the University of Maryland University College? They have a fire science degree. Oh wait, they would have had to take real courses with proctored exams and they wouldn't pass. They had to do the lazy mans route. Guess what, they still didn't go to college and get a degree from Columbia Southern University. It is nothing but a scam, a diploma mill and you idiots are allowing the tax payers to waste their money like that. If Jake Day had a real Ivy League degree he wouldn't let this happen, but since his is a fraud that's what you get.