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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hillary Clinton Told FBI That State Dept. Did Not Train Her on Protecting Classified Information

Hillary Clinton told FBI questioners numerous times that she did not receive the various guidance documents and training sessions from State Department officials that employees get to ensure they protect and preserve their official emails and computer documents.

She told the FBI that she did not get official guidance for using email in her job at the State Department.



Anonymous said...

She should have had ETHICS training and SECURITY training before she ever became Sec of State; she should have had the training before she became senator, she should have had the training before ever stepping in the White House! Common sense dictates this.
Okay, I know, she has no conscience, is a pathological liar, so nothing above means a thing to her as she thinks she is above the law of the common man/woman.

Anonymous said...

I really hope no one believes that she had no training. What a stupid statement for her to even make.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shows she's not qualified to be president how many more issues does it take?

Anonymous said...

OK FBI agents step up to the plate and let it rip. I can not believe that no agent would call her out!

Anonymous said...

Bull! There's a calendar at State somewhere that has her appointment for training on it, and there's at least one State Department staff member that did the training. Find those and debunk her lie.