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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Chief of Staff served as attorney during server investigation

Clinton's former Chief of Staff served as one of Hillary's lawyers in the private server investigation, muddling her role as both witness and legal counsel.

Cheryl Mills worked under Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State before the adviser was later hired as a lawyer when the email scandal emerged.

Mills reviewed emails culled by campaign worker Heather Samuelson, appearing to have a final say in which files were included on a USB thumb drive that was handed over to the FBI, according to documents released on Friday.

Despite Mills' involvement, she served as Clinton's lawyer and invoked the attorney-client privilege to avoid questions during the federal investigation as well as a separate civil case.


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Anonymous said...

Cheryl Mills goes back for years with the Clinton's...she was also Bill's lawyer during 1990's impeachment hearings...over Monica....