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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

School year begins with transgender policy battle in Fairfax County, Virignia

Parents whose children attend Fairfax County Public Schools are preparing to fight transgender policies and educational courses when the academic year begins Tuesday.

The group Concerned Parents and Educators of Fairfax County last week released a 13-page package advising parents on how their children can avoid gender identity education.

“How is it that a tiny minority of boys who are uncomfortable in the boys’ bathroom now have the right to make a majority of girls uncomfortable in the girls’ bathroom? (or vice versa),” the group says. “Are some ‘more equal’ than others? This is an un-American assault on the rights of all students.”

The information packet encourages parents to decline to sign the Student Rights and Responsibility form and opt out of health lessons on gender identity, family life education and an explicit youth sex survey.



Anonymous said...

This is such crap. If you have a male organ..You go to the boys room. If you have a female organ, you go to the girls bathroom. Freakin liberals are constantly trying to make things more complicated than they are.

Anonymous said...

We need to push back on the gender agenda.
It has evil roots in social programming and is straight out of the Tavistock Institute.

Anonymous said...

Home school is almost impossible when parents are now dealing with 2 part time jobs thanks to Obamacare, but no education is better than this "education".

Keep your kids home. You know better math than the "school" teaches, and most of us know the English language. Teach them that at home. Screw the BOE. They are just wrong on this one. Period.

Steve said...

Stop paying the taxes that fund schools and keep your kids home.

This is stupid and stupid does not belong in class.

Anonymous said...

Just let it all hang out, no clothing, everything is optional, no rules, no laws, just freedom for all. Liberals would still be pissed off!