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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

France Fed Up With Crime-Ridden Migrant Camp, Set It To Be Dismantled

France’s Calais migrant camp, home to around 7,000 refugees and a hotbed of unrest and violence, will completely shut down “as quickly as possible,” French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve announced Friday.

This comes months after about half of the camp was already shut down.

That effort was marked with clashes between police and migrants. When Calais Mayor Natacha Bouchart announced her intention to fully close the camp in June, migrants reacted by throwing Molotov cocktails onto the highways.

The camp consists mostly of men from the Middle East and Africa who are trying to make it into the United Kingdom. It has become notoriously controversial, gaining the nickname “jungle.”


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Anonymous said...

No one has the right to enter your country and live a criminal life. That goes for anywhere in the world. Recently it seems more and more migrants are taking to a criminal life style. Hollywood and MSM has polluted their minds. As for the N.F.l I have sworn them off I am already enjoying college football. I will not miss that league full of thugs and cry babies. FNFL you know know what I mean.