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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

ACLU pushes for legislation with City Council on BPD aerial surveillance program

BALTIMORE —The American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland is working with members of the Baltimore City Council on legislation to prevent the Police Department from deploying new surveillance programs without public discussion.

The effort isn't about crime-fighting, it's the lack of public disclosure and a transparent process to deploy it that's fueling the call for legislation.

The Baltimore Police Departments spy plane is temporarily grounded. The ACLU doesn't want it to take off again until the public is involved in the decision-making process.



don Skidmore said...

if you ain't breaking the law,what does it matter goes to show you that the aclu and politicians are filling their pockets and bank accounts fueled by illegal actions add another plane up there let's catch the criminals side with the philipine president and put a bullet in their head GOD BLESS AMERICA

Anonymous said...

If Captain Willie can do it, why cant the police?

Anonymous said...

we all know you were kidding.

Anonymous said...

The facts is the police should attach bombs to it and drop them. Baltimore and Da Bury back in the top five per ca pita for violence. Who would have guessed