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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

New Hillary Emails Expose Bill Pushing Meetings With Foundation Donors, Requests For "Diplomatic Passports"

Judicial Watch just released another 510 pages of State Department emails from Hillary's tenure as the "inconvenient facts" just keep piling up for the Democratic nominee. Per Judicial Watch, the new disclosure includes 37 Hillary email exchanges that were not turned over as part of her initial 55,000 page submission to the State Department. Obviously, these new discoveries continue to contradict Hillary's claims to Congress that she turned over all of her government emails to the State Department.

The new release includes, among other things, Clinton Foundation executive, Doug Band, reaching out to Huma Abedin to help facilitate "diplomatic passports" for himself, Justin Cooper (member of Bill Clinton's personal office) and one other person referred to as "jd". The emails also reveal Bill Clinton pushing the State Department for a meeting between Hillary and the CEO of Dow Chemical, a $1-$5mm donor to the Clinton Foundation. Emails also reveal Hillary forwarding classified information to Huma's email account and a request from Newsmax CEO, Chris Ruddy, for a State Department favor.

But we're sure Donna Brazile, the new DNC chair, will see these various "requests for favors" from the Clinton Foundation and others as just another attempt to "criminalize normal behavior."

Below is the exchange between Doug Band (Clinton Foundation Executive) and Huma Abedin back in July 2009 where Band requests diplomatic passports for himself, Justin Cooper (aka "justy") and and unknown person referred to as "jd."



Anonymous said...

A diplomatic passport in the hands of a person with poor judgment is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Their followers don't care, just like I won't jump off The Trump Train.