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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Should A College Degree Guarantee A Decent Paying Job?

If College Students and or their Parents have to GUARANTEE Student Loans, should the Federal Government, (who backs these loans) provide a guaranteed income IF these Students can't find a job?

Let's say by the time you are all said and done you have invested close to $100,000.00 in education, between property taxes and student loans. Would YOU spend $100,000.00 on something that will NOT work?

Teachers are claiming left and right that they do a great job. OK, prove it. Shouldn't the LIBERAL Government give them some kind of investment security? 

The Government can set up a percentage of Teachers income, (Unions) into a guarantee a job program. Liberals have already created a work environment that you must have a degree to get a job, PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!

Parents and Students are quickly learning that a college degree pretty much isn't worth a damn. Oh sure, every so often you hear of someone who made a fortune or really excelled well but it's like hitting the lottery any more these days. It's a scheme. 

Liberals keep electing leaders to enlarge government. They succeed simply by raising taxes so there is some kind of jobs out there. Who's the biggest employer in the United States these days, government. Rather than elected officials being accountable for stabilizing local economies and in fact building the private sector with economic development, they grow government instead. They create new demands that if you want a decent paying job you must have a degree. 

OK, GUARANTEE these graduates jobs then. Let it HURT government just as bad as We the People are being hurt by increased taxes. Let it PROVE that their system is truly failing us. Once EVERY single taxpayer sees that this is a huge scam, maybe then they will finally rebel. Just remember, what is your BIGGEST tax burden in each County, education. It's time we do it right.

Divide up each and every grade school. Provide testing that will divide two sets of students. A & B students in one section and C to E students into another. In the A&B classes, guarantee them a job OR income once they graduate college. This will finally encourage PARENTS to get off their rear ends and make damn sure that their children work hard at their education. WOW, accountability, HOW DARE I EVEN SUGGEST IT!

Then you can pay TEACHERS accordingly. Or should I say, reward Teachers who actually perform better then others. Uh Oh, there goes that accountability thing again, HOW DARE I. Imagine that, parents, students and teachers finally being accountable, all in one. 

Finally, some students should be left behind. Some of us are not book smart and that is nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe we should have more Trade Schools. Without carpenters, plumbers, electricians, mechanics, (you get my drift) where would America be today! Recognize that not every one should be pressured into going to college or ashamed that they simply cannot afford it. 

Anyhow, I hope this opens some minds so we can enjoy some healthy debate on this matter. Broaden your thoughts. Tweak what I have started. Agree to disagree. I look forward to your thoughts. 

In addition, remember Ladies & Gentlemen, we now live in a society in which every one is a winner. ALL children now win a trophy. What a sad society we live in today.


Anonymous said...

A college degree does not guarantee intelligence, so why should it guarantee a job?
I know a lot of stupid people with a piece of paper.

Anonymous said...

Going to college is the social norm now. It is difficult to earn a decent living without a college degree nowadays, but at the same time, difficult to get experience too, if you get the degree.

Anonymous said...

There should be NO guarantees for anything. These are individual Choices only. Choices and actions have consequences throughout all of life. Educate yourself before you borrow money for anything.

A college degree Never meant you would get a "plum" job to last for the rest of your life.

Yes; do what you can to make great grades 1-12 and get yourself trained in alternative fields that you're interested in and you can earn a decent living for your future. Education is ongoing. You and perhaps your parents or an informed friend or counselor can help you with these choices, if need be...

JoeAlbero said...

Here's food for thought.

A degree is just that, a degree. Same goes for a Masters Degree.

Each piece of paper doesn't say you earned either DEGREE with all straight A's. You could be holding one with all straight D's, who's to know? In the end, EVERYONE wins that trophy, yet very few actually earned it, if you get my drift.

The system is BROKEN, period.

Anonymous said...

I wish instead of buying a college degree that I would have taken that money and started my own business. Sure it's risky, but no more risky than graduating and looking for a job... plus working for yourself knowing that the work you put in will determine your rate of success would be a tremendous motivator. They should teach entrepreneurship in High Schools.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the US public "education" system has been so diluted because of the liberal everyone "deserves" an "education" belief. This has caused major US companies to recruit workers from overseas to come to the US for the jobs in the science, technical, engineering and mathematics fields. These are areas that pay the most.
I know of someone who graduated over 3 years ago with a degree in engineering from U of MD and is still looking for a job in the field.

Anonymous said...

Yup, not everyone should go to college!

Too many have wasted a lot of money to find themselves with a load of college debt and no job potential to pay it off.

There are also too many that get the wrong degree...if you're smart enough to get an engineering degree - but opt for international studies - you end up with an expensive piece of paper...that you really deserve and can't afford! Unfortunately, the government will hire you just for that piece of paper...perpetuating what is wrong with our government!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you stumped the teachers on this one Joe. Good work.

JoeAlbero said...

1:59, I wouldn't say that. Many are in class teaching. We'll have to wait and see what becomes of it after school lets out.

Anonymous said...

Man I love educated people bashing. Awesome.

JoeAlbero said...

2:03, Let me ask you something.

Did YOU retire at 40?

Have you owned several successful businesses before retiring at 40?

Do you own one of the most successful Websites in the state of Maryland and Delaware WITHOUT a degree?

Now help me out here, are you "educated"?

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1:20. wholeheartedly.

lmclain said...

Linking teacher pay to future jobs is so far fetched to be outlandish.
If the teacher is the very best teacher that ever lived, but teaches to a lazy, worthless kid who calls in sick 5 times a month and can't be on time (and, therefore, unable to hold a job), is she at fault?
Do we wish to establish ANOTHER pool of money for people who would rather wait for the mail than work?
If a tech college graduates a person who just doesn't give a crap (but still had the skills for the degree), is society (or the teachers) responsible for his worthlessness??
Taking out a student loan is a DECISION. A personal one. One which I (nor anyone else) should be responsible for in any way, including the results.
There are many straight A students sleeping in a park tonight. Now, THATS a teachers fault??? Collectively, too?
When people talk about accountability, the accountability should be placed where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted this today. I am now retired, however, when I was working, I had this discussion, or rather argument, with my supervisor many times over. He had a college degree, I did not. He was always looking for someone who could hang their degree on the wall, just because they had it, I guess. I was always looking for the person who had demonstrated experience and deserved the job over someone who had the piece of paper. I refused many times, to show someone or explain to someone how to do their job, because they got hired because they had the piece of paper and did not have a clue how to do the job. I was not going to show an educated idiot how to do their job that I had worked years to learn and gained the practical experience doing. My opinion was, you wanted the job, you got it because of a piece of paper, now do it. How dare him even to ask me to train this educated person how to do their job.

Anonymous said...

No did not retire at 40, why would I waste all that time?
several successful businesses, no only one and it is way successful.... in two countries
own a blog, why should I? I use yours all the time.

I am very educated and successful. Your argument is flawed because you are bashing with no substantiation. You are blatantly saying that an education does not improve people. That is hogwash. Period. In your case, you were able to be successful because you are smart. I honestly believe you would be more successful if you (or anyone else for that matter) were better educated. It is just my opinion, nothing more.

Anonymous said...

I think it is pure foolishness to suggest that college degrees are worthless. It really depends a lot on the degree you choose. Graduates with degrees in engineering, math, sciences, and medical professions are in high demand and obtain high paying jobs. Can you succeed without a degree? Of course and some do quite well but they have to work a lot harder at it and success rates are low. I have worked for the past 30 years in a technical / scientific field and have progressed from an entry level technician job to now leading a team of Scientists and engineers. I am the only one in my team with NO college degree and am pulling down a substantial 6 figure salary. It took a lot of hard work and determination along with some really luck breaks and good mentors to get where I am now. If I had it to do all over again, would I get my degree instead of jumping right into work? Absolutely. And I certainly wouldn't be where I am now without the complete support of all the folks I work with who DO have their college and advanced degrees. College isn't for everyone but we certainly need workers with advanced educations to keep us at the forefront of technology. Don't demean a good education.

Anonymous said...

Joe said 1:19 Each piece of paper doesn't say you earned either DEGREE with all straight A's. You could be holding one with all straight D's, who's to know?
the answer:
If they did due diligence the person who did not hire the D grad knows.

The article says:"Who's the biggest employer in the United States these days, government."

Answer:It would be nice if this was not true but the government does buy a lot from private companies. Also as a private business person who sells to people employed by government. I am not complaining.

The article says: We now live in a society in which every one is a winner. ALL children now win a trophy. What a sad society we live in today.

Not even close to true especially where it really counts. If this was the case in the adult world we would all be CEOs,making the same amount of money and there would be nobody complaining about what they didn't have. The world would not work every well either.
In school this is also not true. At award presentations the underachievers continue to sit and watch the overachievers take all the best awards and hear "you could do that too if you worked harder" by the presenters. I have watched this over and over again when friends and parents are invited to award ceremonies. No doubt this is the reason private business can sell bumper stickers that say "My kid can beat up your honor student."

This is simply the way it is in the real world. Good for the winners and bad for the losers.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the US public "education" system has been so diluted because of the liberal everyone "deserves" an "education" belief. This has caused major US companies to recruit workers from overseas to come to the US for the jobs in the science, technical, engineering and mathematics fields. These are areas that pay the most.
I know of someone who graduated over 3 years ago with a degree in engineering from U of MD and is still looking for a job in the field.January 7, 2015 at 1:41 PM

The answer:I knew an employer who admitted he hired foreign engineers instead of American ones because he could pay the foreign engineers less money.
Or your engineer is a D student.

Anonymous said...

Not 2:03 but I'm only 25 so its pretty difficult to say I've done any of those things obviously.

But I will say that I am infinitely smarter and wiser after going to college and getting a degree. Even though I got a STEM degree, I really appreciated the value and knowledge behind most of my liberal arts courses. They have given me a perspective and grasp on reality I previously did not hold.

Also, my job pays 60k/yr (yes here on the shore). I paid my way through school and only have 6k left in loans. I'd say it was definitely WORTH IT. I'm certainly not convinced its for everyone though.

In retrospect, I really wish they made college a true decision for high schoolers, not an assumed path.

Anonymous said...

To answer the very first question in the first paragraph....the answer is no.

No one is compelling a college student or parent to apply for and/or subsequently accept a federal student loan.

Someone made a choice to apply for the loan and then made a decision to accept or not accept the loan.

A federal student loan doesn't guarantee a job, just as a bank vehicle loan doesn't guarantee that the automobile engine is going to start every morning.

Anonymous said...

Bring me a straight A student who is 'sleeping in the park tonight'. I want to meet just one.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Man I love educated people bashing. Awesome.

January 7, 2015 at 2:03 PM"

You are confusing having a degree with someone having a real true education. Too many like yourself naively believe the 2 are synonymous. Having attended grade school in Monaco and having friends with children here and there in school, I can see the difference. US education does not teach thinking and students are taught to memorize only. They don't have the necessary thinking, reasoning and problem solving skills to succeed.

Anonymous said...

Bring me a straight A student who is 'sleeping in the park tonight'. I want to meet just one.

January 7, 2015 at 2:54 PM

There probably are some and they are probably bi-polar, have some other mental disorder they didn't have before they got their degree or have a drug and/or booze problem. We should all be grateful if we and our families have side-stepped the worse things and lead comfortable relativity happy lives or better.

Anonymous said...

A degree helps in certain fields though not so much for upper management. Generally those are people who due to their "emotional intelligence" have worked their way up. I know of one nearly 20mil/per year CEO of an international company who never obtained a degree of any kind, but started w/the company at a young age, working all aspects of it. I also know of a regional manager (now retired) of another company who made over a million a year and has millions in company stock who has no degree but started at the bottom.
Someone else I know with only clerical training who now hires the engineers and mathematicians for her employer (defense contractor)makes more than what the highest paid engineer makes.
If you want to be in management emotional intelligence is more important than anything else. It's the grunt work that takes a degree and they don't ever pay as well.

JoeAlbero said...

I'm very glad to hear some of the success stories on here and thanks for sharing them.

I was hoping some would understand that the majority of human beings out there just aren't book smart and college isn't for them.

I had also hoped that many of you would recognize that simply having a degree doesn't make you a better person, or even smarter.

My ideas within this article are simply another way to view a possible better way to educate. Cut to the chase, so to speak.

My generation, well, we are hard workers dedicated to providing for our Families. Generation X, so to speak. Generation Y, well, they are in deep trouble. This is what I call the entitlement generation.

If we continue down the path we are in and degrees are so important and demanded, well, you are going to get a bunch of young people who can't afford to not only provide, you will also get people who think they deserve the job because of a piece of paper.

Just like the Teachers today who keep their jobs and CANNOT be fired. And what happens to the younger teachers who feel they should be moving up the ladder faster then what they are experiencing. They'll get 10 years in and figure, screw it, I'm simply going to ride this out until I can retire and not give a crap any more. Then there are also people like Jim Ireton who are teaching, yet you know his heart isn't into it. He's more interested in politics then he is into INVESTING into it's all about the children. He can't deliver what his degree says he should, you know it and I know it. Jim, I'm NOT trying to knock you. You earned your degree and I respect that. I'm simply pointing out reality and the obvious.

As I stated, the system is broken. I'm simply offering another way to look at it. You and I both know NOTHING is going to change. We all know that without an elected school board and a government who doesn't have an open mind towards what's truly best "for the children" and are making billions of dollars on student loans, nothing is going to change. I'm a realist and I accept that. It doesn't mean that I shouldn't have the right to my opinion and it doesn't mean I am wrong.

Someone earlier said I am smart and that is why I am successful. First of all, true. ;-) America was very different back when I did my thing in business, very different. If I believed there was another line of business I could get into today and make excellent money, I'd do it. I'd take the risk and dive head first into it. I have been retired 13 years now and guess what, there's NOTHING I can think of that would be very successful and I'm being very serious. That being said, I truly feel for the generation Y's out there and my children are a part of that generation. The American Dream is almost extinct.

Nowadays your best bet, (unfortunately) is the security of a government job. Back in the 1970's, taking a job for the government was almost like volunteering. The pay was crap but the retirement and health benefits couldn't be beat. Today, who's the only one out there making great money, great benefits and consistent pay increases every year, government.

I'm happy for those of you who chose that route, you made a great choice. Just remember, times are getting tougher and rather then being upset because some of us want accountability, (prof that students are doing better WITHOUT common core) our interests are for future generations because we care.

Is the new American Dream a degree or to become a Teacher? I invite Teachers to tell me what the new American Dream is in their views. After all, you are the educators molding minds.

Chuck Adams said...


The system is broken, you are completely on point with that observation.

The problem is that somewhere along the way College became a business. What started out as a way to gain an education has become little more than a low interest, high limit credit card.

There are two types of credit card users, those with fiscal responsibility and the those without.There are also two types that go to college, those who want an education or need it, and those who go for the experience of college.

Without an overhaul to the non-collegiate education system there is not going to be any change to student loans and the thought of it offering a better life. Federally mandated programs limit the ability of local government to prepare students properly so the change has to start at the top and then trickle down. The only way to do that is through the Election in 2016 and voters fighting to have a voice.

Paladin said...

Good afternoon Joe,

If acceptable, I would like to take a few moments of your time to chime in on this. As you know, I have severed the local education establishment and a few others in my last 25 years of public service. I was always grateful for the opportunity to serve, and now do so privately running my own business ventures. That being said, I would like to share two points. (1) Not enough teachers espouse the fact that a college degree ensures success in life. In fact, that is rarely the case. The key factor is always the relationships kept, along with your word, work ethic and integrity - something sadly lacking in our local education establishment. We cannot, as educators, whine and cry about why we are not being paid what others are. This is not the vocation of public service. Rather, the expectation is that we better others and ourselves through our service. A note to local educators; Please know your service is recognized by many, but it is not in any way an entitlement. (2) We are what we make of ourselves and the reflection of such work and the effort required is not something to promote and revere in - rather, to be quietly humble with knowing the self sacrifice brings that much more meaning to our work and the vested interest and success of others and our community. Yet, another point lost on so many teachers who have chimed in to your recent postings. I am dismayed and disappointed in their comments and applaud all those who have risen above the manufactured specter that a college education is a success guarantee. It is not - rather, the reflections of work ethic and the dedication to do a job well that you signed on for are the rewards. I am sure this will anger many in the education community, but I was there and I have done it all.


Sean said...

You make some compelling points, but one things continues to stick out to me:

"Generation Y, well, they are in deep trouble. This is what I call the entitlement generation."

No we aren't. I cannot stand older people making baseless attacks on our generation. We are smarter, better and will live longer than your generation. Just like EVERY generation before yours! And our generation knows it, because we love and understand how science works, rather than ignore and and deny it.

Your parents and grandparents thought the same thing about your generation. The difference is that most of them were respectful enough to not tell you to your face! Perhaps Gen X is the entitlement generation...

On your last note, I am not a teacher, but I think dreaming of becoming a teacher by trade is incredibly inspirational and rewarding. And if teachers make a decent living then great! They can spend more time and energy focusing on their passion rather than worrying about their mortgage and car payments. I hope everyone wants to become a teacher in some way, regardless of their title. Knowledge and learning is where the true wealth lies in the 21st century, not money and materials.

Anonymous said...

You can't blame parents for all. Most yes. But a teacher is supposed to be able to reach and teach. In that order. You say one bad apple. They claim half the class. If its one kid....I can say a teacher is awesome. When half the class acts up its the teachers fault period.
First time I've ever disagreed with you imclain

Anonymous said...

It does improve . the holder of the paper only.

Anonymous said...

Ever had a certified phlebotomist miss your veins? Or a paramedic that should've done......
They have college papers that say they can but really can't until real world hands on techniques are learned and repeatedly preformed.

Anonymous said...

If you think a kid who is in a ghetto with cracked out parents dosent leave at night when their houses are array your nuts. These kids while few do try to escape the life they were born in. They study hard, train for a full ride and yes sleep outside to escape the anchor of a family they have. I have a kid in 11 the grade that calls me to stay at my house. This is after I saw him asleep in the reservation park at night. I told him its dangerous and I knew his parents. Just call me for now on.
Do you know how many parents allow their children's friends to live with them because they're responsible and know the kid has a bad life?

Anonymous said...

Sean is a little bit clueless as to reality. The generation that is currently 20 and under is not "smarter" or "better" (whatever that means) at all. I would be considered Generation Y, born in '84, but there is a huge difference between my peer group and those born in the 90's or millennials. Call it "generation smartphone". Laziness, complacency, and lack of maturity is at an all time high. Far too many have no goals in life, as long as they have a power socket to plug their phone into and check the latest social media updates.

Not to say this affects everybody. Perhaps you, sean, are not like this at all. I know plenty of people my age who I would put in this group, the lazy entitlement group, while there are also plenty of younger people who are highly motivated and driven. But these are the exception, and not the rule. It is not "older people" baselessly attacking youth. It is a true statement on the direction our society is headed.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I know many people with Doctorates that I would not let them watch my child or run my business. Give someone with common sense any day. Some do reflect the level of education offered. I do agree with employees be compensated for education.

There are studies that prove in the area of law enforcement officers with degrees have significant lower rates of civilian complaints. The same goes for officers with prior military. It is just a fact they do not get anywhere near the level of complaints as those with less education. With that said again I have seen those that have no social skills to complement the education.

Top pay for top workers period. The incentive is those who do have the discipline to gain knowledge usually are better at dealing with their environment.

I do not want someone that spent the night at Holiday Inn Express doing brain surgery on me lol.

Anonymous said...

Are you implying a person with a mental disorder, such as bi-polar, cannot earn a degree?

Anonymous said...

If you want to see the kind of salaries a good college education will get you, here's a link to some salary surveys for an industry where education counts.

Anonymous said...

3:44 Joe said,If I believed there was another line of business I could get into today and make excellent money, I'd do it. I'd take the risk and dive head first into it. I have been retired 13 years now and guess what, there's NOTHING I can think of that would be very successful and I'm being very serious.

Joe, have you ever watched Shark Tank on ABC on Friday night? Maybe you have no more ideas because your time is up or maybe you are not hungry enough anymore. If neither of these are true it is nothing to be ashamed of. But look at the people on Shark Tank, many of them young people who are on their way to becoming modern day millionaires. Some of them not even of age yet. In no generation has everybody been successful. In every generation there are some who find great success and make jobs for others. Sometimes they are one hit wonders, sometimes more than one. I have great confidence in each generations continued success and the success of our great Country. I hate it when people label each person in a certain time period the same way and put them into a generation be it w,x,y,z, or j and shine a negative light on all. People have always been individuals, all have been different and that continues to today.Don't lump me in with everybody else in my generation, the boomers.

JoeAlbero said...

8:18, I have watched Shark Tank and enjoy it very much whenever I come across it.

For what it's worth, I have't been very impressed at the majority of items/ideas that I've seen.

Please enlighten me as to one of their ideas you think would serve well here on the Shore. Thanks

Anonymous said...

7:25 Are you implying a person with a mental disorder, such as bi-polar, cannot earn a degree?

No. If you had read carefully you would have noted that I was careful to say in my example that the problems referenced occurred after a degree was achieved. I am saying that some people who have mental disorders will end up homeless and some of those people could have once been exceptional A students. This does not mean all people with mental disorders will end up homeless.Some will overcome their illness and find their measure of success which might be quite high.

The world is not black and white.

Anonymous said...

All these kids go to college because it's what expected and everyone else does it. When you have that many college graduates, there cannot be enough good paying job openings out there. These graduates then have to take lower paying jobs that didn't require a degree anyway. So that was a real waste of 4 years and all that tuition money.

Anonymous said...

9:10 Joe says, Please enlighten me as to one of their ideas you think would serve well here on the Shore.

I can't remember specific ideas at the moment that would work just here on the Shore.Most Shore people are like people everywhere else. If you watch the show with any regularity. You know they show results for some of the ideas that sharks have invested in. They report on production and sales. Many times the product is sold all over the country. Some of the products are sold in major stores including Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. Both stores we have here. I haven't liked all the ideas and neither have the sharks on the show but some have done quite well.

I do remember one product because I liked it. No shark liked it so they didn't invest. It was a way to keep a plastic food storage bag open while food was put in it and the bag could be used as an informal serving bowl to be thrown away once used. I think about it every time I am shoveling food into a storage bag with one hand while holding the bag open with the other knowing later I am going to have to scoop or pour it out into a bowl that will need washed. I would buy that product in an Eastern Shore minute if it was available.

Anonymous said...

The posted articles about education, educators and students over the past two days have raised a number of points, the majority of which have previously been addressed here or elsewhere.

Very few realistic solutions have made it to the comments, and essentially none were in the articles.

Who disagrees with these points below?

It benefits our society to educate our young to be prepared to be productive contributors as adults. But we sometimes disagree about what should be taught, how it should be presented and how to measure student's grasp of what they studied.

We have chosen to insist that teachers meet basic requirements, and that they continue to refresh and add to those skills during their career. But some gripe about teachers' pay and the fact they don't work, and don't get paid, when school is out during summer. That said, consider the full implications of year round school on the things your family enjoys, and the fact that more days of schooling would increase costs in every area, including direct instructional salaries (administrators already work year round so no savings there).

There is general agreement that unruly students are disruptive, but much dissatisfaction with attempts to deal with them so regular students can get the most out of their education.

There are other proposals in the articles which were not well thought out, but space to take issue with them is limited at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I've said this for years: When something becomes an entitlement, such as education, it is no longer valued. In this country today, everyone is entitled to a free education ( the public school system). It have become nothing but a free babysitter for parents, and a pain in the neck for kids. When you put college degrees on the same level, it's meaning too has diminished. I've heard few people say it, but the problem with minimum wage going up is that college degree is going to be more worthless. Something needs to change, the price of living is steady going up. What that change should be, I can't tell you, but when you're 16 year old is making the same wage that it took a four year degree for you to get, somebody needs to open a history book and look back into the 1920s. It's looking like history is getting ready to repeat itself, and very few will recognize it.

Anonymous said...

Why are you bashing the teachers? They are employees that do the job they were trained to do and get paid to do. Teachers can and do get fired, although it is difficult. But don't blame the teachers. It is the liberal board of education and the union. More than 50% of the local teachers tried to break away from the liberal union last year, and NO ONE lifted a finger to help. Joe, you would barely even cover the story. Did you look into what was going on? No. The majority of teachers would love to see accountability in the profession, but the powerful liberal union is dead set against it. It will cost them money. I am a teacher, and there are a lot of teachers that should be fired. It is a difficult profession, but we choose to do it. Bad teachers hurt the kids, the families, other teachers, and society. Stop blaming the workers. Blame the bosses (BOE, Unions, and indifferent citizens). But I guess it is just more fun to put other people down.

Anonymous said...

How about personal accountability for the student? If you study hard and expect to have to work for a living you will likely be successful over time.

To suggest a guaranteed job is absurd and only perpetuates the idea that government should solve all of our problems.

I really don't think you understand the difference between conservative and liberal.

Anonymous said...

Someone very close to me left a seven figure career to become a teacher in a public school because it is his calling. He is doing very well, became national board certified and has represented teachers on a national level for his outstanding performance and ideas.

Light a candle people. All you do is complain. Take responsibility to be part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately 9:57, all you will hear here is complaining that teachers make too much money. Seldom does anyone from this area actually take any responsibility to make things better. It's someone else s fault.

Anonymous said...

The problem with our education system is that it is free. If people he to actually pay for it a lot of problems would be solved. People risk life and limb to come to America for our public education. Rising up out of poverty is not rocket science, it's education. When you know better, you do better. Any type of education without a end goal in mind is pointless. That is the reason we have so many lost ones today. You can get 10 degrees but if you have no goals, vision or purpose in your actions you wind up making lattes at Starbucks or worse. The lack of taking responsibility for ones actions kills this country a little more every day. If your too sorry to utilize a free educational system to improve your life then so be it. Even if community and 4 yr college were free we'd still have a ton of unemployed, uneducated people looking for hand outs and blaming "the man".

Anonymous said...

Amen 9:14