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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Second Ebola-Infected Nurse Identified, Was Symptomatic With 99.5 Degree Fever While Flying

Just about an hour ago, the CDC's Tom Frieden held a press conference in which he tried to diffuse the CDC's incompetence for a allowing healthcare workers who cared for the now deceased "Index Patient" Thomas Eric Duncan, to board a plane. A worker, who as was reported earlier today, was confirmed sick with the deadly virus. Still, in order to defend his agency from accusations of gross incompetence, of which it clearly is guilty, Frieden said that...

... Although, he promptly pushed the ball of blame back in her court adding that:

But what is worse, is that as the WaPo reports [4]the nurse had a fever of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit before boarding a passenger jet on Monday, a day before she reported symptoms of the virus and was tested, according to public health officials. "Even though there appeared to be little risk for the other people on that flight, she should not have traveled that way, Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said during a news conference Wednesday."

“She should not have flown on a commercial airline,” Frieden said.



Anonymous said...

Don't worry. We can all Hope and Change and everything will be okay. After all, you are keeping your medical plan and doctor under Obamacare.

Anonymous said...

It's called CMA- C(over) M(y) A($$). Blame the victim.

Anonymous said...

"If you like your ebola you can keep your ebola. Period."

"The disease acted stupidly."

"You didn't catch that!"

"If I had a disease it would look like Ebola"

"Tell Ebola I'll have more flexibility after the November Elections."

"There isn't a smidgeon of a chance of getting Ebola."

"We are Hazmat-suit ready!"

"Ebola is the reaction to a disgusting YouTube video"

"My daughter asks every day: 'Dad have you cured Ebola yet?'"

"Mitt, the 80's called, they want their health policies back."

"We've substantially improved the tranquility of, you know, the medical community"

"We have Ebola on the run."

"Ebola is just the JV team of all diseases."

"Ebola was an action taken by a rogue nurse in Dallas."

"We have been very clear to Ebola that a red line for us is we start seeing a whole bunch of dead people."

"I'm really good at killing people."

and last but not least:
"The previous administration failed to eliminate Ebola and we now must fix their mess."

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry about ebola, global warming is the real threat!"

Anonymous said...

2 more people will be reported (at least) by weeks end. This only goes to enforce the fact that this disease has legs. She knew she was a possible carrier and traveled anyway. Her wedding was much more important even though she had a low fever. They say the rise of plane travelers is low....but them contained the plane and disinfected it twice. ???????

lmclain said...

Does anyone think that our "leaders", instead of keeping ALL ebola patients in ONE facility, spread them all over the country and then failed to limit incoming possible patients, in order to spread a disease that has, in recorded history, been limitied to an area in a country 3000 miles away?
ANY doctor in the world will tell you, that when you are dealing with a contagious, very deadly disease, you DO not send infected patients to many different treatment sites.

cass said...

I agree with 6:34. Medical professionals should be aware of implications of slight temperature rise in this disease. Poor judgement on her part may lead to additional cases!

Anonymous said...

how come the first American host of the virus was not sent to...

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta?

The National Institute of Health in DC Suburban Maryland?

or to one of the Country's best Hospital in the North East --where most of them are?

Why did they send him to Texas where Barack Obama would be arrested for his involvement in the Deaths that occurred because of Fast and Furious"