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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

All That Is Broken With The US Financial System In One Chart

We have shown this chart before. We will show it again because, to nobody's surprise, nothing has changed since then.

The chart in question, which we believe demonstrates all that is wrong with the US financial and banking system, shows JPM's quarterly deposits, which in Q3 just hit a new all time record of $1.335 trillion, and its loans, which despite the much hyped rebound in Q2, once again declined to $743 billion from $747 billion in Q2 (so much for that lending-driven recovery?) leading to a new record low Loan-to-Deposit ratio of 56%. So while deposits are obviously hitting new record nominal highs quarter after quarter, when was the last time JPM's loans printed at all time highs? The answer: just as Lehman filed for bankruptcy,when the number was $761 billion.


Anonymous said...

Stock market getting a good routing today.

Anonymous said...

JPMC... Rockefeller owned ... Obama's Mom worked her entire life for them... In this Election Year they have dropped the price of their Exxon Gasoline to make people think there is something good happening ..while they steal everything else that is not nailed down while they cull the herd with a Pandemic to pave the way for their Brave New World