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Friday, January 03, 2014


(AP) President Barack Obama's Hawaii vacation: Day 13
KAILUA, Hawaii

How President Barack Obama spent Day 13 of his holiday vacation in Hawaii on Thursday:

-- GOLF: For the second day in a row, Obama skipped a morning workout at the gym and instead headed to the golf course.

On Thursday, he played Kaneohe Klipper Golf Course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii with an unusual partner -- New Zealand Prime Minister John Key. Obama plays often -- the president has teed off frequently during his vacation -- but he rarely plays outside a close circle of friends and advisers.

Obama and the prime minister drove together along the course's second hole, a 423-yard par 4 that includes a large water hazard on the initial drive and a dogleg left.

Obama's approach shot landed short of the green. He putted it on, then missed his putt from the green about 2 feet left of the hole.



Anonymous said...

I find this totally disgusting!

Anonymous said...

that's nice. and i'm at home in the freezing cold, wondering how i'm going to pay my electric bill.

Anonymous said...

3:46 I agree. How can anyone miss a putt 2 feet left of the hole. He's just as bad at golf as he is as president.

Anonymous said...

You could describe his entire presidency as a triple bogey.

Anonymous said...

He is arrogant, Marxists, racist and a horrible golfer.p

Anonymous said...

He can't play basketball either

Anonymous said...

Nero fiddled.