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Friday, January 03, 2014


Democrats are no doubt eager to put 2013 and the disastrous ObamaCare roll-out behind them. There is, however, a reason they pushed implementation of the health care law until well after Obama's reelection. There are 5 major reasons the Democrats long ObamaCare nightmare is just beginning.

1. People who think they have coverage, don't.

Approximately 2 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare, far below the Administration's goal. As these Americans may learn, though, signing up for coverage through the exchanges doesn't mean they have coverage. Many haven't yet made their first premium payment. Washington and Nevada, the only states that report this number,say half of the enrollees have not made a premium payment. The Obama Administration has pressured insurance companies to accept payments until January 10th. It is unclear, however, if people even understand they need to make a payment.


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Anonymous said...

I predict a massive Government bailout of the healthcare industry just before the midterm elections in November. I'll guess in the range of 500 billion. This will also be blamed on George Bush. Obama's goal was to break this Country and he idiot Democratic voters to work with.