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Friday, January 03, 2014

"Conservatism" Rejects Libertarianism

For reasons surpassing understanding the “Republican” establishment has made eliminating the libertarian wing of its own party priority No. 1 heading into the 2014 elections.

Rather than joining pro-freedom, pro-free market leaders like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Justin Amash in standing up to the increasingly radical administration of U.S. President Barack Obama and his congressional allies, the GOP establishment has continued to demonize the handful of elected officials actually standing for the ideological principles articulated (if not acted upon) by generations of GOP politicians.

Why is the GOP establishment doing this? Well, we all know why … don’t we? Because in Washington, D.C. the two major parties differ on very little of real substance – a view lent eloquent expression in this guest column by former S.C. Treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

The same special interests pull the strings of both establishment parties … which in turn have pulled our purse strings to the tune of trillions of dollars in deficit spending under the previous two administrations.

Nonetheless this week two establishment Republicans who served the administration of “Republican” president George W. Bush posted a lengthy rebuke of rabble rousing libertarians like us – arguing that our “negative approach to the question of the role of government is not only electorally insufficient – it is unbecoming of conservatism and of the deep commitment that conservatives claim to the nation’s founding ideals.”

Really? Are “Republicans” seriously lecturing us about electoral insufficiency?

Because the last time we checked that term defined the GOP.



Jim said...

There was a time i believed only the liberals were screwed up. Now i realize that the republicans are.equally screwed up. Both parties want more government and less civil liberties. Its time for the libertarians to become their own political party. If we dont turn this thing around.soon.
There will be no turning back.the American Police State that exists today.

Anonymous said...

I'm With You Jim, the two party system has done nothing for the people. The truth be told our country is not run by either party but buy an elite group. I for one will never vote party line, who I feel is the best person.

Anonymous said...

It is time that we all vote 3rd party and ignore the R/D machine. I've voted for the "Lesser of Two Evils" for 40 years, and just look at who they put up as candidates and where that has gotten us.


Anonymous said...

Now its Progressives vs Americans

Anonymous said...

Careful. The democrats have learned to run 'libertarian' candidates to split the vote. You need look no further than Virginia. I maintain that the energy would be better spent in taking back the republican party from the jokers now in power.

Jessica Adkins said...

Rand Paul for President 2016!!!

Anonymous said...

1137 is the enemy...

Anonymous said...

11:37, True Americans have the ability to vet a candidate. You are wrong