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Friday, January 03, 2014

Petition Drive Starts To Put College Gun Ban On Colo. Ballot

DENVER — Colorado’s gun control debate is moving out of the state Capitol and straight to voters.

A group of gun control supporters got permission Thursday to start gathering signatures for a ballot measure to ban concealed weapons on public college campuses.

The decision comes as Democratic leaders in state government insist they don’t want to pass any new gun laws this year, seeking to move on from a divisive year mired in gun debates that prompted recalls of two lawmakers and the resignation of a third.


Anonymous said...

Should read "gun control supporters incited by and supported by liberal Democrats" to be factually accurate. Since they know it will hurt them in the upcoming elections they make it look like it comes through community organization rather than Government.
Hmmm, where have we heard community organizer before?
The Marxist in chief!
Disarm America just like Lenin did in Russia.... look what happened there.
Molon Labe!

Anonymous said...

GUNS KILL. If you vote against the 2nd amendment your career is dead .

Anonymous said...

Sorry, 720, my guns have been here 50 years and have not killed anyone. Still sitting right there, and.... nothing. Oh, they have fed me over those years, but still haven't ever stood up on their own to do it, they needed me to complete the task.

And yes, If you vote against the 2nd amendment your career is dead