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Friday, January 03, 2014

PHILLIPS: The Insufferable Whining Of John Roberts

WASHINGTON — The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is at it again. John Roberts, the legal genius who ignored the Constitution so he could rewrite Obamacare and make it legal, is complaining again.

This time, he is complaining about the funding of the federal judiciary. He says that the sequester budget cuts have deprived the federal judiciary of “the funding it needs.”

John Roberts’ creative writing is not limited to his rewriting of Obamacare to make it constitutional. The portion of his report where he talks about the funding the Federal Courts “need” is pure fantasy.

Roberts has confused “need” and “want.” Like any professional bureaucrat, he not only wants to protect his turf, he wants to continue to build his bureaucratic empire.

The problem with the federal judiciary is not that it is underfunded. It is overfunded.

Last year, in Federal Courts there were 271,950 civil cases filed and 69,449 criminal cases filed. Of those 69,449 criminal cases filed in federal court, probably 69,000 of them did not need to be filed.



Anonymous said...

An open attempt to blackmail Justice Roberts.
We don't agree with your opinions so we will cut your funding.

ginn said...

Is there any legal way to unseat one of these so-called judges?

Anonymous said...

Give Roberts a hard time and he will give us nation wide gay marriage next.