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Friday, January 03, 2014

Baltimore Officers Had Warrant For Dead Son's Arrest

Over several decades, William Holmes opened his door to more than 200 foster children, but this is the first time in his 90 years that police have forced their way in.

The man that police sought, Edgar Holmes, was wanted for threatening his former girlfriend with her life, but there was a problem.

"They came here to basically search for a ghost because my brother passed away in 2011," said Edgar’s sister, Mary Burnett, as she displayed a copy of the death certificate.

It was the same document the family had presented to sheriff's deputies and police officers on two other occasions when they stopped by the house in the week leading up to the raid.


Anonymous said...

hard to believe they would argue about paying for the damage they did, especially since they have been told before the guy was gone.

ginn said...

And, the cops wonder why we're fighting back.

Anonymous said...

Well, its been proven that cops are not the brightest crayon in the box.

Anonymous said...

11:06 Exactly. Baltimore cops are especially deficient. (morons)
Yet most cops feel as if they have super human observation and investigative skills when they are in fact rather dim and quite often wrong in their assessments. (which makes them even bigger morons.)Obviously they have an inflated sense of self worth as taught by the academy. They feel their lives are more important than anyone else's, hence the shoot first ask questions later (lie, falsify, obfuscate to CYA) routine we see so often these days.
Mandatory I.Q. tests to carry a weapon for everyone! If you pass, you can open carry no matter what your profession!

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is out of control. Already this year they've had like a 1/2 dozen homicides, this after seeing an increase in 2013. Of course the city officials being nothing more than mealy mouthed politicians, attempted to put the best spin possible on this spike and came out with-while there was an increase in homicides overall, less children were murdered in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore home of the naacp!
what a lovely town!

Anonymous said...

Baltimore home of democratic control for generations. The place is a war zone and all the thanks can be given to the democrats and their supporters. History has proven that everything they touch turns into a pile of crap. The democratic voters, who are clearly intellectually inferior, hear a few tidbits like the Inner Harbor, Fells Point and repeat ad nauseum about 'successes', while the rest of the city is a cess pool of crime and poverty.