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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Howard Co. To Hold Housing Lottery, Fair

The Howard County Department of Housing is offering an opportunity for those who can't afford to buy a home in the area to get one in a housing lottery.

The county is one of the most sought-after and expensive areas in Maryland.

One of the homes offered in the lottery is located in Elkridge. The townhouse would usually go for more than $300,000, but for one lucky person, the dream home could be theirs for $209,813.

"This home is part of our Moderate Income Housing Unit program, which is an inclusionary zoning program that requires new homebuilders to set aside a certain number of homes in the community as moderately priced dwellings," said Tom Carbo, of the Howard County Department of Housing.

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lmclain said...

Hmmmm. You mean that if I were rich and wanted to live in an exclusive housing community, I could end up living next to a Wal-Mart clerk with her 5 kids because our leaders want some "inclusion"? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of moving to one of those neighborhoods? Is there also a program to make the neighborhood pay for her kids private school tuition, too? and who pays when the yard is overgrown and there is a junked van parked in the back? Being wealthy ain't what it used to be....