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Friday, February 17, 2012


WASHINGTON – Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta believes that Israel could attack Iran in an April-to-June timeframe, and there apparently has been a decision made for the U.S. to help in an assault on the radical Islamic nation’s nuclear facilities.

U.S. military sources tell WND that the Pentagon has begun preparations for “a number of operational plans and counter-operations,” with a Feb. 22 due date for submitting the plans



Gerald said...

I would hope that Israel and the US go in a blow them Muslim bastards all to hell and back! None of this surgical strike stuff, but a full out war of annihilate, let’s show the world another Desert Storm, a whole national army defeated in hours! Make Iran a total burial ground of nothing but dead Muslims and terrorist! We need to quit Fu&%ing around with those people and just kill them. It is the only thing they understand!

Anonymous said...

8:52 as radical as that sounds. You are exactly right. Why play around with them. we have done that long enough.

Anonymous said...

What we need to do is mind our own business. Until we have credible intelligence that we are a target we should stop fighting wars in other countries. If we have that intel then I agree. Turn them into a glass parking lot. And none of that bull crap nation building stuff. We cannot be the world police.

Anonymous said...

Wow Iswear every time I get on here I think less and less of the human race. We should just wipe out the entire country now huh? Screw the women, and children. WHo cares about the wildlife. WE NEED TO JUST BLOW THEM UP BECUASE THEY ARE DOING WHAT? Absolutely nothing that affects the US at this poin directly threatening us? PLease just go read a book and try to sound at least like you have a bit of intelligence when speaking out. "It is better to say nothing and be thought of as a fool then to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Anonymous said...

Credible intelligence? Iran Hostage Crisis 1979. We should have wiped them out 32 years ago. Carter did a real good job with that one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, 938. None of those countries over there pose a national threat to our borders, and if they do, then we should have enough men here on OUR borders to protect them. If Isreal wants to attack a neighboring country, that's fine, go ahead! The Middle Eastern countries have been attacking each other for a couple of thousand years! And whether we get involved or not has never stopped it, either! Stay the hell home and let's build and protect THIS country.

Anonymous said...

Uninformed idiots.

You have all been mind controlled by Zionist Media. You don't have a clue about the truth.

Some of you even attend Christian Churches on Sundays. You read the words of Jesus Christ. And yet you believe the Zionist Carnage of War is moral?

Wake up and smell the Facism.

Anonymous said...

How many wars are written about in the Bible? Seems to me there are loads of them, so I would say that war is God ordained!