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Friday, February 17, 2012

Maxine Waters calls Republican leaders 'demons'

Rep. Maxine Waters, no stranger to controversy, is turning heads once again, this time for describing House Republican leaders as "demons."

The California Democrat's comments, which surfaced Wednesday, were made last weekend at a state party convention in San Diego. Video of her speech shows her rallying Democrats to win back control of the House in November



Anonymous said...

maxine has mental issues and it's so sad her constituents are either too blind or uneducated to realize it.

Anonymous said...

Coming from a DEMOcRAT.

Anonymous said...

New help?

Anonymous said...

She is just as uneducated and illiterate as Shanie Shields.

Anonymous said...

I dont listen to people from California no matter who they are.

Anonymous said...

This idiot is a complete A$$. And this is who is elected to office?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing is that she is correct. Republican Leaders are undoubtedly possessed by Demons.

In addition, Democratic Leaders are also possessed by Demons.

We live under the domination of a government who is part of a Satanic Occult. All of its symbols, key dates, and buildings have Satanic Occult influence. It is hidden in plain view.