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Friday, February 17, 2012

Proposed MD Boat Registration Increase

I saw the article you had about MD taking from the boat fund and moving it to the general fund and then said they don't have enough money for dredging.

Now look at this proposed increase!

A bill filed Thursday morning in Annapolis would replace the flat $24 boat registration fee paid every two years with fees ranging from $50 to $700, depending on the size of the boat. The increases would be phased in over four years, beginning in October, for Maryland's 191,000 registered boat owners.



Anonymous said...

Stealing money out of these tax bases for the "General Fun" (the "D" is deleted intentionally) amounts to taxation without representation, the cause of the Boston Tea Party! Notice in the linked article the quote about this isn't creating something new, but maintaining what we have. BULL$HIT! It's stealing and making us pay for the missing funds.

Anonymous said...

Maryland is getting out of hand....

between gas tax and boat tax its going to be a rough year on boaters.

They also made a law that you have to have a permit when 50 or more boats are in one area now!!! (see md bill SB127)

This departmental bill requires a person to obtain a written permit from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) prior to sponsoring or holding a gathering of at least 50 vessels in State waters, subject to specified exceptions. Organizers or sponsors must submit a permit application and fee to DNR at least 60 days prior to sponsoring or holding a “marine gathering.” DNR is required to establish a marine gathering permit fee that does not exceed the cost of processing and enforcing the permit. DNR must adopt regulations governing the application for, issuance of, and terms and conditions for a permit. The bill establishes enforcement provisions, including criminal penalties.
The bill takes effect June 1, 2012.

Anonymous said...

Thats not even the half of it!
Hunting license are going up this year {$100.} as well as Fed. Migratory Bird stamps {$25}, they will also be implementing the increase on fishing license this year.
Its not going to stop until we the people can only afford to ride a bike and eat rice.

Anonymous said...

I bought a lifetime hunting license in Virginia this year. the yearly license went up about 50 bucks from last year but the lifetime didn't, for out of state it was 500 bucks but its done forever. Im sure they will up the lifetime next year.

I wish maryland had the same for a fishing or hunting license. Hell just a license to pond fish is 20.50 in md

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous Maryland is out of control stop voting for these tax and spend Democrats.

jeff said...

No brains at all!!!! So let's see you don't have enough income so instead of inviting a more boater friendly environment and maybe jumping $20 or $30 a year they make the IDIOT move of chasing business away. Seriously you don't think we will jump up to register in DEL or VA?? amd they will have less revenue to work with. This is fundamental stuff that the elected people (can't call them officials) don't get. They are supposed to be book smart but have ZERO common sense!! Hey what are you gonna do for the marinas that will have all the empty slips in a few year huh?