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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Postal Service's Plan To Close Post Offices Hits Roadbumps

The Postal Service's recent decision to delay the closing of hundreds of mail processing centers and thousands of local post offices until May has given critics plenty of time to question the agency's strategy to climb out of the red.
"The way that they frame the problem and the language they use have actually created a sense of dismay among the biggest mail users and may not be as helpful to them as a somewhat less-emotional presentation of their situation," Postal Regulatory Commission Chairman Ruth Goldway told Federal News Radio.

The Postal Service's prediction that it would end fiscal 2012 with a $14.1 billion loss if it did not receive help from Congress was "a little inaccurate," because it included billions of dollars in pension-fund payments that it delayed from last year, she said.



Anonymous said...

We need to end the postal service the EPA and the dept. of education.

Anonymous said...

And that would just be a start to bringing america back from the libtards