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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Below is a very well thought out reasonable op-ed from my paper this morning about the JFK assassination. I’ve always been fascinated by this conspiracy story. The House Select Committee report came out when I was 16 years old. I’ve listened to the audio from the open microphone of one of the motorcycles in the presidential motorcade and it sounds like four shots. I’ve been to Dallas and stood on the grassy knoll. I’ve been in the Book Depository building and looked out the window from where Oswald supposedly got off two perfect shots in a matter of seconds at a moving target. I try to base my conclusions on facts. Based on everything I’ve read, listened to, and observed with my own eyes, I do not believe Oswald acted alone. The implications of the CIA or the FBI being involved in the assassination of a President is too hard to fathom. But, the lone gunman storyline is too farfetched to believe, especially considering Oswald’s trip to the Soviet Union and his other associations.

Here is a link to info about the acoustical evidence:

Here is a link to the actual tapes:
Let’s see how long it takes for this thread to go off the deep end.



lmclain said...

There are SO many inconsistent "facts" about JFK's murder that only a fool still believes that some whack loser could do what he did. Consider -- the worlds BEST marksman with the same rifle that Oswald used -- the WORLD'S BEST!! -- could not fire the same number of shots that Oswald did, in the same amount of time. So, SUPPOSEDLY, Oswald outperformed the world's BEST marksman and hit a moving target, too. Hmmmmm. Just ONE of DOZENS of strange, but "true" (read: unbelievable) lies told to the American people.

Anonymous said...

659-Actually, on mythbusters they were able to cycle as many rounds as Oswald in the same amount of time. Oswald was also a qualified shot(Check his Marine records). To say he couldn't have, is far from accurate.

I've always questioned the single shooter theory, there are many inconsistencies top to bottom. Especially with the acoustical evidence, where it was proven that the motorcycle cop was indeed nearly a block away from where the acoustic experts said he was. He testified to that fact, but the comission didn't take his word. As it turns out, he was right, the comission/acoustic experts were wrong.