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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

State Rep. Slams DE River Fracking Plan

A state Representative says the battle over hydrauling fracturing, or "fracking" of shale in the Delaware River Basin isn't over.

Newark-area Democrat John Kowalko tells WDEL News he and have gotten more than 1100 signatures on a petition designed to stop fracking, which involves pumping water and chemicals into the shale to get natural gas out.


Anonymous said...

DE water, especially the DE river is already too polluted to fish or drink in alot of places. The place is already a cancer hot spot. Give up this fight, turn it into straight industrial use, and use your energy to protect areas worth protecting.

Anonymous said...

Where is Waterkeepers when you need them!Oh thats right,they get big donations from the gas and oil industry.

thomas augustus littleton said...

Maybe we shouldn't frack with Mother Nature.