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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Big Banks Plead With Customers Not To Move Their Money

Yes, The Big Banks DO Care If We Move Our Money

650,000 customers moved $4.5 billion dollars out of the big banks and into smaller banks and credit unions in the last month.

But there is a myth making the rounds that the big banks don’t really care if we move our money. For example, one line of reasoning is that no matter how many people move their money, the Fed and Treasury will just bail out the giants again.

But many anecdotes show that the too big to fails do, in fact, care.



Anonymous said...

they really dont care. theyre just feeding us what we want to hear. they still are laughing behind the closed doors.

Anonymous said...

If people in this country really want to see this country crash, then that's the way to do it is to remove all their money from the banks over to credit unions.
This is a ridiculous idea! You think things are bad now? Just wait and see what a move like this will do!

Anonymous said...

are you local BOA president or CEO

Anonymous said...

@ 1:31
The shear stupidity of the people on this site is the reason I keep coming back. If you enjoy being bent over with out even getting the common courtesy of a reach around you go right ahead and stay with your big bank. I'll stink to my credit union where I'm more then just a dollar sign.

Anonymous said...

1:31 are you a CEO of a big bank sweating your a$$ off. My money is in the Bank Of Willards. That"s whats wrong with this country banks and other companies got to big. Are you worried about your big Bonus this year?

Anonymous said...

No, I'm not a banker or a CEO, or a board member.
I'm just a banking customer just like the rest.
My money is with Bank of Delmarva and has been for years.
I've used a couple of the other local banks in my adult life and wasn't happy.
What is said is true, just think about it, unless you're just one of those people who simply fall for everything that's proposed to you no matter how ludicrus it is!
I get that there's a movement in this country, and it's about time, but these same people will have you jumping off a bridge if you're not careful!
No need to go pull money out of all the banks. Want to pull the money out of the BIG banks, but stay with the local banks? That's different.

Anonymous said...


November 9, 2011 1:31 PM

Is that the only word you know?

Anonymous said...

If the banks crash, the stock market will crash, and your money is worthless. Does it matter? History is about to repeat itself, and I believe it will be more that just one occurrence that you would pull out of a history book. Wonder what the historians are gonna call this era?