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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

FBI Wants A New Home

FBI's headquarters needs some work. The Government Accountability Office says the Hoover Building and the annexes are old. They just don't support the FBI's security, space and building condition requirements. But there's no money. The General Services Administration says, for now, they can only help cover the immediate health and safety issues. The FBI and GSA have considered three options — Modernize the Hoover Building, tear it down and start over, or move out and buy a new place somewhere else. The FBI and GSA plan to discuss the FBI's facility needs with the Office of Management and Budget. GAO says that GSA and the FBI need to present a business case, including current, comparable cost estimates, to support the choice of a preferred alternative and financing strategy.


Anonymous said...

Maybe they should do some bake sales and car washes. They could auction off some of those seized guns. That should raise some money.

Anonymous said...

I want a house on the water, but there's no money. Therefore, I have to stay at my current location and live within my means.

I think that is what they should have to do as well.

Anonymous said...

STOP THE SPENDING No money no building simple

Harvey said...

1. D.C. traffic is bad and getting worse.

2. More Agencies want telecommute programs so workers don't need to drive to the office.

3. Modern telecommunication technology negates the need for centralized groups of workers.

4. Only the D.C. area benefits job wise from the centralized Government while the rest of the country funds operations.

If workers for ANY agency can justify work at home employees, that Agency needs to be re-engineered and their workforce replaced by a nationally distributed alternative. The distribution of the workforce should be based on total cost to the taxpayer (some call it the Government) without the "help" of the NLRB who is protecting Union special interests by holding back a Boeing move out of Washington State. In contrast, "Base Realignment" was driven by politics whereby military activities ended up being moved into areas whose infrastructures were already over saturated.

Cutting free pens and coffee cups by Agencies as a show of being thrifty just doesn't cut it.

Anonymous said...

kick out the useless UN and let them have that building. It will give them all the space they will ever need and save the Government on no longer bearing the burden of the UN expenses, Diplomatic immunity for unpaid fines and other bills.

Anonymous said...

I want a better government. Looks like neither of us will win.