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Monday, October 24, 2011

WIC Farmers Market Vouchers

Asking for your help again with the Farmers Markets....just need a reminder sent out that the WIC Farmers Market Vouchers HAVE TO BE used by the 31st at the authorized Farmers Markets.....there's still plenty of produce to be had.
The farmers really appreciate all your help.

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Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to write this, but I have only been to the Farmers Market 3 times this year. What a wonderful place to get fresh veggies. The reason I have not been was because I always had something else to do ( I thought that was more important). However, I assure you I plan on going every Saturday now unless out of town. Why would I buy Broccoli at the super market when they have wonderful bunches right there. I got the best lettuce, greens and much more. I am sure they were glad to see me coming back this week. It is so much cheaper than the grocery store as well as much fresher by probably 10 days!!!!