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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Md. State Police, Montgomery Co. council member at odds over traffic stop

A first-term Montgomery County council member charges that he was unfairly stopped by Maryland State Police over the weekend.

Council member Will Jawando, who is African American, was heading to a Saturday morning game of basketball with friends when he was stopped not far from his Silver Spring home.

“This was a similar situation for me. I have been pulled over dozens of times over the years,” said Jawando, a former Obama administration official who was born and raised in Silver Spring and attended Catholic University Columbus School of Law.

On Twitter, Jawando said the Saturday morning traffic stop was among police tactics that “erode public trust in law enforcement and must stop.”



JW said...

No, you moron. It's because you committed a violation against the Maryland Traffic Law. The rest of the questions are conversation questions to see if you (any driver stopped) may be in the commission of other crimes. Which you were (driving w/o license in possession). With that said, I had this same BS tried with me. Outside of Cambridge, a car in front of me had a license plate w no expiration tabs. As a trained LEO, this is an indication of possible switched tags and/or a stolen vehicle. I stayed behind the car while waiting for Dispatch to advise if the tag was valid. I eventually stopped the driver with heightened awareness due to the possibility of the tag or car being stolen and possibly not reported. It was dusk. I could barely make out that there was an outline of a driver. No way I could tell their color. Lucky me, the car pulled over and it began. "Do you know who I am? I just left the Cambridge NAACP meeting. I'm the president. You only stopped me because I'm black." After explaining why he was stopped, why I was behind him following for a distance waiting for the tag to come back, asking if he knew I was white before pulling him over, and explaining how the MSP taught me that this jack@$$ actions shouldn't influence my initial reaction to give a warning if it was an accident versus nefarious activity, he took his warning happily and continued on with his tail between his legs. Piss off Montgomery County Jack Wagon! You are not as important as you think you are.

Anonymous said...

These types pull this crap all the time thinking no one wants a cofrontation, and they can bully their way out. Worthless people.

Anonymous said...

He says he has been stopped dozens of times...apparently he has issues when it comes to driving a vehicle. Or, he does stupid $hit just to get the attention of the police.