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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Clueless In Chicago

Another summer in the City of Chicago starts with a bang. No pun intended as 52 people were shot, 10 fatally in street violence. On Memorial Day it was 30 shot with five killed. That’s right. You read that correctly: 82 people shot leaving 15 dead—not in the first five months of the year—not in the last 30 days— not even in the previous week! Two weekends is all it took.

Several weeks ago a madman went on a rampage and killed 12 people in a Virginia municipal building. We were horrified hearing this. Everybody asked the same questions, such as: what caused this or what technical fix can be implemented to prevent this from happening again? We even got the usual blame-the-gun whining from the left. Yet, the violence in Chicago gets ignored. Why? Two reasons. First is the left’s casual attitude about ghetto violence and culture. Second is that Chicago’s political class is clueless on how to reduce the senseless killing.

Most violence in the American ghetto involves blacks killing other blacks. This is complicated for liberals and Democrats. They can’t blame this on “whitey,” systemic racism, the police or the National Rifle Association. The cultural rot involved in this violence has the left tied in knots.



Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Could not have written an article more in tune with what I have been saying for at least ten years. I have held back some of my comments for fear of being flushed down the tube. I rarely mention blacks but allude to their blatant criminality in an effort to get my point across without being censored. We need to be able to speak the truth about this horrible situation in order to try and remedy the situation. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Sheriff Clarke but he is the only voice out there that can speak the truth because he is black.

Anonymous said...

Amen Northwest Woodsman. Facts are facts, and ignoring the facts perpetuates the problem. Just like the crisis on the border, it is now out of control and very apparent the Democratic controlled congress, just like many Democratic run cities where crime is rampant, don't know how to deal with a real crisis.

Anonymous said...

If going to chicago, carry concealed