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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

‘I’ll shoot that mother f*****’ | Court docs show Capital Pride BB gun suspect claimed protesters hit his wife, maced him

WASHINGTON -- Newly released court documents show the man accused of pulling out a BB gun at the Capital Pride parade this past weekend claimed his wife was attacked by two people supposedly protesting the parade.

It happened in Dupont Circle on June 8.

According to court documents, Aftabjit Singh, 38, told police his wife bumped into one of the two people supposedly protesting the parade and they started to attack her.

“One of the individuals then sprayed the defendant's wife in the face with mace and the defendant’s wife jumped into the fountain in the Dupont Circle,” court documents said. “The defendant intervened, which is when he was struck and maced.”



Anonymous said...

Why did he bring a look alike gun to the event? Guilty next case.

Democrat Voter said...


ban water guns,

bb guns,

and anything that looks scary

Anonymous said...

So they were attacked by anti gay protesters ? Maybe his wife looks like a man.

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: What an idiot! Unfortunately, that is what we have to deal with today. After reviewing the news today on various sites including this one, I have lost all hope for our future as a country. The insanity coming from the media, tv, Hollywood, sports celebrities, Marxist politicians and god only knows where else, I have concluded that we are doomed. Marxist democrats and their allies have succeeded in capturing the narrative and conservatives have no idea what they are faced with. President Trump is our last and only hope and he can’t do it alone. Democrats are truly evil and will do or sav anything to achieve their goals. Republicans are stupid, beaten down, inept, and worse, they will do or say anything to be adored by the press/media which is not going to happen. We normal, patriotic real Americans are definitely doomed. Get used to it as insanity will reign supreme.

Anonymous said...

If you are coming here for "news", you may want to watch who exactly you call an "idiot". Lol.earn to gather real facts and information and you will find the world isnt such a scary place when you understand things better.

Anonymous said...

Northwest Woodsman: Wow, 5:59 have you looked at the “news” posted on other sites? I’ll bet you read the New York Times and Washington Post faithfully. Did they post an article yet this morning stating that President Trump spent the weekend clubbing baby harp seals to death with a baseball bat? As a retired army officer, college professor, law enforcement officer, both local and federal including four alphabet federal agencies, I can confirm that this is a dangerous world and your being oblivious to that fact tells me that you have no situational awareness and are one who thinks that everything is just dandy. I’ve resided in 14 states and 5 foreign countries. Served 30 months in combat and spent two years working in Mexico. Trust me pal, this is a dangerous world!