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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

WCSO CAT Press Release - June 11, 2019

Incident: Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine/ Maintaining Common Nuisance
Date of Incident: May 31, 2019
Location: 26000 block of Norfolk Drive Delmar, MD 21875

  • Robert Douglas Jones (50 years old)
  • Johnny Lamont Kane (27 years old)
  • Joshua Allen Elliott (34 years old)
  • Raynard Percy Stanley (54 years old)
  • Randy Lee Rathel (59 years old)
  • Reginald Cornell Stanley (37 years old)
  • Madeline Michele Burns (44 years old)
Narrative: Members of the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office Community Action Team conducted an investigation into illegal narcotics being sold from a residence located in the 26000 thousand block of Norfolk Drive Delmar, MD. As result of the investigation a search and seizure warrant was authored and signed for the residence. Through the investigation it was determined that the homeowner, Robert Jones has been operating the residence as a drug house for an extended period of time. On May 31, 2019 the Salisbury Police Department Tactical Team assisted the WCSO by executing the search and seizure warrant at the residence. The homeowner, Robert Jones was located inside the residence along with Johnny Lamont Kane, Joshua Allen Elliott, Raynard Percy Stanley, Randy Lee Rathel, Reginald Cornel Stanley, and Madeline Michele Burns. The Community Action Team and Criminal Investigation Division conducted a search of the residence and located an amount of crack cocaine indicative of distribution. Scales, packaging material, cell phones and other items indicative of CDS distribution were also located in the residence. 3 vehicles were seized from the curtilage of the property and transported to WCSO. Search and seizure warrants were obtained on the vehicles and inside one of them, an AR-15 style rifle was located. US currency and paraphernalia indicative of distribution furthering the investigation of CDS distribution was located. Burns provided a false name to Deputy’s numerous times. Burns was eventually identified and found to have 4 outstanding warrants for her arrest. 

Robert Jones: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine, Maintain Common Nuisance distribution, Maintain Common Nuisance Administer, and other CDS related charges

Johnny Kane: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine

Joshua Elliott: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine

Raynard Stanley: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine

Randy Rathel: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine

Reginald Stanley: Possession with intent to distribute cocaine, possession of cocaine

Madeline Burns: Poss of cocaine, providing a false name to avoid prosecution, obstructing and hindering, and 4 outstanding warrants


Anonymous said...

Bet that old guys employer loves seeing their work shirt in a mug shot.

Anonymous said...

Some of these people are getting a little long in the tooth to be doing this kind of stuff. Can senior citizen drug dealers collect social security?

Anonymous said...

A perfectly shuffled deck

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Neighborhood sure has been quiet since! Thank you wicomico sheriff dept for taking out the trash!