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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Antifa disruptor arrested in Washington after trying to chain College Republicans inside room

Last week, campus police at the University of Washington in Seattle arrested a masked individual after he attempted to chain the university’s College Republicans group inside a classroom.

The group was holding its last event of the spring term, and had invited the hosts of Operation Cold Front, a political YouTube channel, to speak at the meeting.

The June 3 event sparked enough controversy that a local chapter of Antifa tried to incite protesters to “de-platform” the invited speakers, Saleem Juma and Dion Thompson.



Anonymous said...

He is such a prankster.

Anonymous said...

For as many people as were in the room, that's the number of assault charges that should be laid on this Antifa tool.

Anonymous said...

8:48 won't happen, but the cops try to do this to regular persons...

Anonymous said...

The fire marshal should also be charging him.