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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Dershowitz: 'Why Did Mueller Team Distort Trump Attorney's Voicemail?':

In an op-ed for The Hill published Friday, Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz takes a closer look at the special counsel's problematic selective editing of a voicemail message from President Trump’s former attorney John Dowd which, as Dershowitz puts it, has "added fuel to the arguments against the appointment of special counsels." Robert Mueller's team's decision to "distort" the message, the esteemed legal analyst argues, is more evidence that it's time to "abolish" the special counsel.

The Mueller report says that after Gen. Michael Flynn withdrew from the joint defense agreement with President Trump, Dowd left a voicemail message for Flynn's attorney, Robert Kelner, asking for a "heads up" if "there's information that implicates the president."

"The report characterized the voicemail message as an attempt by the president’s counsel to obstruct Flynn’s cooperation with the Mueller probe, and that’s also how much of the press reported on it," Dershowitz notes.

Here's the passage that includes the selectively edited transcript of the voicemail provided in the Mueller report, as highlighted by Dershowitz:

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