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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

US prosecutors say they won’t enforce strict abortion laws

A group of US prosecutors pledged on Friday not to enforce strict abortion laws in response to attempts to tighten access to the procedure in parts of the United States.

The 42 elected prosecutors — some of whom come from states that have restricted access, others from where the procedure remains easily available — wrote that the new laws would “violate constitutional rights that have been the law of the land for nearly 50 years.”

The lawyers added that “many of the laws are so vaguely written” anyone involved in the abortion process could be prosecuted.

The attorneys who signed the pledge come from 24 states and Washington, DC, with 12 being statewide attorneys general and the rest being local elected prosecutors who can make their own charging decisions.

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Anonymous said...

then they should move to states that want to kill babies

Anonymous said...

Probably a hollow statement by Federal employees for PR effect.

States have been making the law changes, therefore state attorneys would be prosecuting any violations.

Anonymous said...

They are breaking the law and violating their oath of office by not enforcing the law.

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors, frustrated wanna-be judges. Those are the ones that will never sit on the bench.