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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

6 Things to Know About the Hyde Amendment

Former Vice President Joe Biden came out Thursday against the Hyde Amendment, after previously supporting it.

“If I believe health care is a right, as I do, I can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone’s ZIP code,” Biden said at a gala hosted by the Democratic National Committee in Atlanta.

For decades, Congress has kept taxpayer funds from paying for abortions due to the leadership of an Illinois congressman.

Rep. Henry Hyde, R-Ill., was behind the amendment, first passed in 1976, that prohibits use of federal funds for most elective abortions.



Anonymous said...

Now we are operating under the Jekyll Amendment

Anonymous said...

How, I say again HOW can any reasonable person consider abortion "health care"? I understand if the life of the mother is in peril or jeopardy of imminent death. That is a no brainer. But in the case of the aftermath of a "Whoops" incident or a matter of convenience because now is not the right time to be pregnant? Planned Parenthood claims to be about education and family planning advice and yes even birth control. Abortion is infanticide...period! Regardless of length of pregnancy, conception is the beginning of LIFE and God's beautiful plan of procreation. Biden's reaction and whimpy submission to Alyssa Milano by reversing his stand on Hyde after earlier stating he followed the tenants of his religion is abhorrent. If he waffles so easily when confronted by a Hollywood has been what will he do against the likes of Putin or Kim or Xi?

Anonymous said...

Abortion is murder and should be dealt with accordingly. First degree for convenience. All others determined based on mother's life, rape, and incest