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Friday, November 02, 2018

Black Conservatives Rally Outside White House: ‘We Have the Best Country in the World’

Hundreds of young black conservatives from across the country united in front of the White House last week to denounce the Democratic Party and call for members of the black community to join them.

The rally was led by Turning Point USA’s Director of Communications Candace Owens, and Director of Urban Engagement Brandon Tatum, following their meeting with President Donald Trump at the White House.

“Black people do not have to be Democrats,” said Owens into a megaphone, “In fact, the argument needs to be made that black people should not be democrats. They destroyed our communities, they’ve taken our fathers out of the home, they’ve made broken promises. It is time for a change and Donald Trump is delivering that.”

The crowd cheered, as a large group of onlookers stopped to listen.

“As a black American living in this country, why is it that I’m expected to hate my police? Why is it that I’m expected to hate my president? And why is it that I am expected to hate my country?” said Mark Lutchman, another young conservative.

“I say that we have the best police, the best president, and the best country in the whole world,” Lutchman continued, “And I’m here, asking the rest of the black community to join us, and to see through the lies and the manipulation, and the deception of the Democratic Party that has been going on for far too long.”

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Anonymous said...

From the picture, it doesn't look like any of them are looking for a handout! Anyone else notice the difference in appearance between them and the free loaders?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being true leaders and men of character.