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Friday, November 02, 2018

47% of Americans 'feel like a stranger in their own country,' cultural alienation survey finds

The sense that the nation’s culture and way of life have dramatically changed is reflected in a PRRI “American Values” survey that gauged both political opinions and “cultural alienation.”

It found that 47 percent of Americans now say that things have changed so much, they “feel like a stranger in their own country.” A slim majority (51 percent) disagree.

Nearly six in 10 Republicans say that things have changed so much they feel alienated; 42 percent of Democrats agree.

Was there a better era to live in? Americans are divided on whether the country’s culture and way of life has changed for the better or worse since the 1950s. Fifty percent say such change is for the better, while 47 percent say culture has gotten worse according to the survey survey.

“There are significant partisan divides on this question, with 60 percent of Democrats and just 34 percent of Republicans believing American culture and way of life have improved since the 1950s; by contrast, 64 percent of Republicans say things have mostly changed for the worse,” the poll analysis said.



Anonymous said...

WILL??? Already do!!

Anonymous said...

It's because 66% of republicans believe constitutional rights and freedom should only apply if you are white and in 100% agreement with the GOP platform.

Anonymous said...

ALL DEMS indoctrinated in Government/Public Schools and Communist Higher Learning wonder...

Anonymous said...

Who did this survey? Who was surveyed? What part of the country did this survey take place. I personally find it hard to believe. Life in America has very much improved. I just wish Obama's would go away. He destroyed this country and can't accept that anyone else can do it better like Trump