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Friday, November 02, 2018

Obama-era CIA peeked at congressional staff emails

The CIA during the Obama administration intercepted and analyzed the email of some congressional staffers, the agency publicly confirmed this week, releasing declassified notifications from 2014 that contained details of the snooping.

The emails dealt with CIA whistle-blowers, and the agency said they were snared during “routine counterintelligence (CI) monitoring of government computer systems.”

The agency then prepared a report on the information in the emails — apparently sensitive conversations about protecting whistle-blowers looking to report malfeasance by the agency.

The inspector general at the time, I. Charles McCullough III, called the collection “lawful and justified.”

But Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said that was a whitewash of the serious issues.

“The fact that the CIA under the Obama administration was reading congressional staff’s emails about intelligence community whistle-blowers raises serious policy concerns as well as potential constitutional separation-of-powers issues that must be discussed publicly,” he said.

Mr. Grassley had been trying for four years to get two 2014 memos detailing the snooping to be made public. He said “bureaucratic foot-dragging” by Obama-era National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper and CIA Director John O. Brennan shielded the touchy issues from public view.

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Anonymous said...

they did not "peek" at them they spied on them

Anonymous said...

Debbie Wasserman Shultz hired four Pakistani men to run the Congressional IT services and overrode the background checks required for such jobs. They were paid at Executive 2-4 pay scales over a period of 6 years. Millions of dollars of phones, computer equipment went missing along with untold information from our members of Congress. These four went back to Pakistan once the FBI caught on to them.
Wasserman-Shultz made certain that no investigation would be permitted as it would reveal too many embarrassing failures by her as a leader of the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

Why did Obama win the rights to the Trump transition? What does that all mean.