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Friday, November 02, 2018

MAXINE WATERS: Committee chairmanship will be time for paybacks

If Democrats take over the House in the midterm elections, Maxine Waters has some scores to settle.

The California congresswoman told a group of constituents what’s in store for her enemies, should she gain the chairmanship of the Financial Services Committee.

“We have an election November 6th,” Waters said. “This is big. This may be the most important one that you’ve ever had to experience.

“This is the midterm election and often times people only vote in the presidential election because they don’t think this is important enough. But this is absolutely important,” she lectured.

“First of all, if we take back the House, most of the members of the Congressional Black Caucus will be chairs of the committees of the Congress of the United States of America,” Waters said, waving her fingers as the audience applauded...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely reprehensible attitude and behaviour!

Typical of her ilk though!

Vote Red - like I already did!

Anonymous said...

Payback? Payback for what?

Anonymous said...

They didn't forclose on her Manison. She doesn't even live in the district that she supposedly represents. I have to say it - law enforcement will not say or do anything to her because she is black. Still PC. If a republican acted like she does no doubt it would be an uproar.

Anonymous said...

The ugly beast roars on. Get back in your cage, Maxine!