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Friday, November 02, 2018

Obama Created the Political Division, Not Trump

Former President Obama created a massive political divide between the left and the right we see today. His attacks against the right-wingers created an emboldened electorate, and now the fruits of his rhetoric are seen. President Trump is a result of Obama’s political discourse disguised as executive leadership. However, the legacy media and left-wingers tell a different story.

President Trump began to gain momentum in the 2016 primaries soon after announcing his candidacy. Many people scoffed and laughed at the notion of a “President Trump.” He proved them wrong and handily beat Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. Soon after Trump took office, he instituted a travel ban from predominantly radical Islamic countries, backed law enforcement, signed on a massive tax cut, disintegrated ISIS, improved the job market, caused the stock market to soar, and the list goes on. All of these things are great for the country, but the left claims Trump is a divider.



Anonymous said...

Political science fiction

Anonymous said...

Obama most certainly did. Not only political division but racial division. He more then anyone was responsible for getting black Americans all riled up to the point they went nuts and torn up some cities and areas. Now they are paying the price with the record number of black on black slaughter going on in these areas now-Baltimore city being an example. Obama is the spawn of satan and it's too bad so many blacks still idolize him. No moral person would ever idolize that lying ghetto garbage. The problem is this lack of any morals within black communities prevent them from admitting they are the cause of any and all social problems they have. what they need is God but in a real way and not the fake way they do. Sorry but you can't be or vote democrat and be a Christian. God sees the ugly dark hearts of those who pick and choose what parts of His word they want to follow and He is punishing accordingly.

Anonymous said...

8:32,I completely agree!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. 0bama the worst thing that evey happened to this country - PERIOD!!

Anonymous said...

8:32-Good points.The panic they display when business owners refuse to rebuild and re open after they destroy everything is highly amusing.