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Friday, November 02, 2018

DeSantis and Trump Say Democrats Will Gut Medicare for Seniors

When the liberal media bothers to ask Democrats about their campaign message, the reply is "health care."

Be careful, President Trump and Florida gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis said at a rally in Florida Wednesday night:

"We will protect your health care," DeSantis promised, noting that his opponent, Democrat Andrew Gillum, has been "hanging out with Bernie Sanders."

"And what they want to do -- they call it "Medicare for all." But if you read the fine print, every senior loses Medicare or Medicare Advantage under their plan. They get dumped on a single-payer government system. If you get insurance through your business, that is taken away from you by force. And you are thrown onto a single-payer government plan. Government has no right to take away the health care benefits that you're earning. You deserve to keep it."

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Medicaid enough. Free emergency visits to hospitals by illegal immigrants enough. Gillium will have free health coverage just like the rest of Congress. That needs to be addressed. That health induinsur covers their families for free. Free meaning taxpayer's money.