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Friday, November 02, 2018

Stop The Cancer To America


Anonymous said...

I thought this was the purpose of the election???

Anonymous said...

No one like paying taxes. It would be nice though paying them we could actually see some results from it. The highways and bridges are a joke there is not modern national transit system to speak of. Communities are filthy and crumbling. We have a national opioid crisis and Veterans and the elderly are living like second class citizens and the deficit just increases. Even with the creation of jobs and the market booming how much have every day peoples lives really changed other than the Mantra of MAGA ? It's like the last Mantra of HOPE. When will we see real visible results and not boasting and blustering , shallow and gossipy attacks between parties and the feed for the Media ? Just who rates this reality show and how ? I want to see REAL changes.